Why We Hate Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
At the time of this writing, Nicki Minaj is the most talked about female artist in the world.  While Nicki is, arguably, one of the best female emcees to ever grab a mic, she is also one of the most hated.

But, why do we hate Nicki Minaj? What did she do to annoy the public at large so fucking much?


Nicki Minaj has openly displayed her terrible attitude on many occasions. Nicki’s interviews, Twitter, and Instagram post all showcase a woman with a terrible attitude, and a propensity for online bullying. Nicki has tried to explain her bitchiness away as the same simple rap swagger that men are celebrated for but no one is buying it. Beyonce’ has followed in Michael Jackson’s footsteps as the greatest living entertainer and she does it with grace and humility. Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce’ may be the biggest egotistical bitch of them all but she hides it well – something Nicki has just recently begun to do.


Everything about Nicki Minaj is a gimmick…she’s a fraud. He lyrical ability has diminished over the years and the hype that surrounds her is largely based on the infatuation of her insanely obsessed pre-teen fans. Rap fans do not respect her, nor do they take her seriously – Remy Ma made sure of that. Nicki’s rap cadence is dated, her lyrics are juvenile – much like her fans, and she lacks substance. Nicki Minaj is a “Barb” – completely manufactured. She has managed to become a rapping Kardashian of sorts.



Nicki Minaj gained notoriety by selling sex and exploiting the female body, let’s not forget Anaconda was one of her biggest hits. Nicki’s fanbase is largely young girls, yet her discography contains more hypersexualize content than Too $hort? She is a walking contradiction, willing to do anything to make money. Strong, powerful women are running businesses and fighting to the top of their field with their clothes on and dignity in tack. A woman can succeed without using her body, she is infinitely more than a fat ass and a pretty face. We need more successful mainstream artists showcasing real powerful women.

At the end of the day, Nicki Minaj is just another woman who has been used by the industry and tricked into thinking it was all her idea. Like a cheap gumball at the mall, she looked shiny and tasted good at first but in the end, she’s just another flavorless, gray ball of sticky shit we all desperately want to be scrapped off the bottom of our shoe.




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