Congrats, Warriors!!

Warriors versus Cavaliers NBA FinalsThe Golden State Warriors have grabbed their second title in three years! I haven’t watched basketball since Kobe retired but, I’m happy for Durant, Curry, and the Golden State crew. Lebron and the Cavs continue to fall short even though Lebron played great ball this year, so what’s the deal?


I’m no sports analyst, but stay with me here. The Cavs played great ball this series-cheating refs aside- but Lebron James Kevin Durant
their team definitely had some deficiencies. Golden State was just the team to exploit those deficiencies and take the win! The Warriors was built for a championship win – they were the better team. Lebron fans think he deserves better. Maybe he will side with them and leave the Cavs for another ready-mix setup? Personally, I side with the fans who say Kobe did more with less.


The Warriors grabbed Kevin Durant and he balled out! The dude put up some serious numbers every time he hit the court – five 30 point games! Durant was Golden State’s Golden Ticket. The Cavs had no way to stop Durant, nor could they handle a very solid Golden State team.

Now, I wouldn’t be petty if I didn’t mention…….


khloe-kardashian-b-600x800When Tristan Thompson began dating Khloe Kardashian we threw away any hopes of the Cavs winning the championship. If you follow the “Kardashian Effect” on men, it never ends well. Could the Kardashian Curse be the reason behind the Cavs loss? I think Game 5 was, possibly, Tristan’s best game of the series. I’ll hold off on blaming the Kardashian Curse…for now.

The Cavs are a great team but they still need some restructuring. The better team won and it’s as simply as that. Great job Warriors…great job!





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