JAY Z 4:44 Album

jay z sma 1 nov09Jay-Z is making some major money moves, as usual. There is a reason why this man is the most successful rap artist to ever write a rhyme – let’s follow the dollar signs.

June 12th – Jay-Z and Beyonce’ welcomed the twins and only hours later Jay-Z announced the release of his upcoming album entitled, “4:44”. I’m guessing their beautiful twins were born at or around 4:44? Either way, even the title of the album reeks of an incredibly intelligent marketing strategy.

June 15th – Jay-Z became the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame. Of course, he received this honor because it draws more publicity for the rapper ahead of his June 30th album release. If Jay-Z was honestly receiving this honor for his body of work, he would’ve been inducted a while ago but timing is everything!


jay-zA few months ago, Sprint invested $200 million in Tidal – Jay Z’s music streaming service. Tidal is now worth $600 million dollars, Jay Z bought it for $56 million. (You do the math) Of course, Jay Z’s new album will be a Tidal exclusive, and if you become a Sprint customer you will get 6 months of the Tidal streaming service for free. So, the 4:44 album will be a huge win for Jay Z, Tidal, and Sprint.

I’ve got a strong feeling that the first pictures of those twins will be released on June 30th as a part of his visual album and the names of the twins will be mentioned in a song on the album; if that doesn’t make everyone flock to Tidal nothing will.

Jay Z and Beyonce’ know how to capitalize on public interest and who can blame them? When cameras follow your every move and the public loves everything you do, there’s only two things you can do: 1) Beat the shit out of the cameraman and end up with a misdemeanor battery conviction or 2) Make Lemonade and end up a billionaire.

Jay Z is one hell of a self-made black businessman.

Do that shit Jay, do it!



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