What Did Beyonce’ Name the Twins?

rs_600x600-170202053928-600.beyonce-4.2217Beyonce’ gave birth a little over a week ago and we’ve heard nothing more since. Sure, there’s been small amounts of info dropped here and there but nothing substantial. We still have no photos, no word from Beyonce’, and no names for the twins…until today.

Word has it Beyonce’ and Jay-Z has named the twins Bea and Shawn. Can you believe that? Let’s be honest, Bea and Shawn are about as unimaginative as it gets. Definitely not what I’d expect from a couple who named their first born Blue Ivy.

Fans have chimed in from all over with their best guess for names. Will Bey and Jay pick Nigerian names? Perhaps the names will pay homage to an ancestor or important family member? Maybe they really did name their children Bea and Shawn? One thing is for sure, we won’t know until we know, right?

For now, those babies remain in the hospital under observation and care for jaundice and for all we know their names could still be Boy Carter and Girl Carter.

If Jay and Bey actually named their babies Bea and Shawn would you be surprised?



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