Let’s Cancel Kim K.

KrisJenner Instagram
Kris Jenner instagram post

Kris Jenner recently posted this post sending love to Barcelona after the recent terror event that occurred there. I have no issues with Kris Jenner’s post but when I checked her page for a similar post regarding the Charlottesville incident I saw nothing! Prior to this Kim Kardashian took sides with, known racist, Jeffree Star when her followers began to bash his racist ass in the comments of her video.

Here’s my opinion, this family is so disconnected and self centered! How can a family who makes a career out of fucking and sucking black men be so blase’ about the current struggles in the black community? We are talking about a family of women who literally love to fall in bed with black men. Kim K has little half black babies and a black husband but still manages to tell black people to get over racism?!?!

America is going through a huge period of civil unrest. I expect celebrities to use their platform for something greater than further lining their pockets. I expect a family of women who “love” black men to give some kind of fuck about the struggles experienced by black people.

What do you think about this?

Let’s talk…



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