Life of Kylie Review

I decided to check out the latest episodes of Kylie Jenner’s new reality tv show, Life of

Kylie Jenner

Kylie. The first two episodes were about Kylie going to prom, Kylie Cosmetic knock offs, and Kylie’s concern for how little she drives her Lamborghini..oh and Jordyn went on a blind date. As you may have guessed, Life of Kylie is boring failing. People are not in the mood to watch Kylie complain about her life as she drives around in her customized Range.

But, while the show lacks purpose, it’s appropriate for the targeted demographic. What do I mean? Well, Kylie is a 20 year old, if I had to watch a reality show I’d rather it be about a person in her age range. I expect the reality show of a 20 year old to be pointless and silly so, Kylie actually gets a pass from me. Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows a group of 30+ year old women and their children as they do meaningless things and eat salad and that show is still going. Will I tune in every Sunday? No. I refuse to support anything these women do until they take an interest in something more than their own bank accounts. Back to Life of Kylie….

The show is tanking because a large part of it shows Kylie complaining about her life as a celebrity. Kylie, people idolize you and your life! Give the money and the cars to the poor and go live off the grid if you’re struggling that much babygirl. No one wants to hear that shit! There are other 20 year old women ending their shift at McDonalds, living in a box sized studio apartment with two kids and no baby father while you’re talking shit in your mansion…bitch please! That’s why the show is failing, it’s not relatable AND it’s boring!

Kylie’s bestfriend, Jordyn Woods, is also a part of the show and she is dry and boring as well. Jordyn spends her camera time wishing Kylie wasn’t famous and complaining about how draining it is to be the friend of a celebrity. Someone get these girls some college classes, a college dorm, a bus pass, and a $2.00 waitressing gig!

I expected to see something fun and refreshing. Kylie is 20 with enough money to live a life full of rich experiences. If they want people to tune in she better get busy actually doing something.


Did you watch Life of Kylie? What are your thoughts?




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