Why Do We Love Cardi B?

Cardi B has seemingly taken the music world by storm! The hood is here for Bodak Yellow and Cardi B. Of course, I wanted to know what all the hype was about! After following Cardi for a few weeks and listening to some songs I have to admit I don’t understand the hype behind this woman. Cardi can do no wrong in the eyes of many black women, maybe that’s because they are fans of Cardi from her Love and Hip Hop days? I just dont’ get it. Cardi is so very ratchet, silly, and basic

Cardi B
Cardi B

acting…she’s “relatable” but if we were to be honest with ourselves, most of us can’t stand women who act like Cardi in everyday life. Ratchet, overly aggressive women who are always ready to pop off, and say anything at anytime are the last to be invited to the girlfriend retreat but we celebrate Cardi for that same annoying behavior. Why?

Her fans say she’s being herself but when did we stop challenging people to be the BEST version of themselves?

Here’s my opinion, we want a character we can live through. We want someone who will freely act an ass and do the things we only think about. We want jesters to entertain us. Most of us know if we behave like Cardi B in real life we would be flagged and dismissed! Cardi B isn’t my type of ignorant but she definitely has a group of females who rock with her.

As for her music, the sound of her voice is a bit much to handle for greater than 2 minutes. The accent, the tone, the way she enunciates words is all way too much. Beyonce’ was flagged for sounding stupid during interviews but Cardi is celebrated for it. I don’t get it!

I’ll revisit Cardi in about 5 years.


What do you think? Are you for Cardi or nah?




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