Taylor Swift’s New Single

Tay-Tay had a lot to say on her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” No, she didn’t

Taylor Swift

start the song with an infamous ‘Fuck Kanye’ over the Ether diss track but this was definitely a bonafide Kanye/Kim diss, and she included Katy for good measure.


Just in case you’re wondering when all of this beef started, let me clue you in…

Once upon a time in the music industry, an outspoken, arrogant black man named Kanye took the stage at the VMAs declaring Tay-Tay didn’t deserve her award. At the time, Kanye was stanning for the reigning Queen – Beyonce’,  but little did he know Yonce’ would never return that love. Time passed but Kanye and Tay-Tay could never quite get it right and it all fell apart when Kanye said he made Tay-Tay famous, insinuating the attention he brought to Tay-Tay during that VMA award speech interruption actually made her career. He then proceeded to place a naked wax figure of Tay-Tay in the bed next to himself in the video for his song, “Famous”. Of course, Taylor wasn’t happy about Kanye’s weird, borderline obsessive behavior so, she spoke out against the song and the video.

Kanye said Tay-Tay gave him the ok to mention her in his song in such a negative way

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 6.35.05 PM
Lyrics from Famous by Kanye West

but who really believed that? Well, apparently Kim K, Kanye’s wife, believed the story and called Tay-Tay a liar and a coward for failing to admit she was down with being called a talentless bitch who actually needed Kanye to make her famous.



On to Katy Perry – remember Tay-Tay’s song Bad Blood? Well, that’s about Katy. Here’s what happened…


Katy Perry

Tay-Tay and Katy dated the same guy, who shall remain nameless John Mayer. Everyone knows nothing starts a good cat fight like sharing a guy. As if that wasn’t enough, Katy hired Tay-Tay’s backup dancers (gasp)! If you ask me, this is really ALL about a guy who thought Jessica Simpson’s body was a wonderland so is he really worth it? No songs about Tay-Tay or Katy but that’s who they want to fight over? Anyways…


Now we’re here with a badass Milla Jovovich version of Taylor Swift – because the old Taylor has died, and a new album full of edgy/angry material.

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s new single? Here’s a better question: Are you waiting for the old Kanye to come back and address Jay and Tay?




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