Taylor Swift is Dead!

Did you watch the VMAs last night? Well, if you missed it Taylor Swift released her new “Look What You Made Me Do” video and people are not feeling it. Personally, I enjoyed it.

Check it out here:

When I first heard the song I immediately picked up on some references to Kim and Kanye, as well as, Katy Perry but once I watched the video I realized Taylor was venting about …EVERYTHING!

Check out this breakdown video:

Clearly, this bitch is not happy and she doesn’t give any absolute fucks about people calling her out for copying bits of Beyonce’s Formation and MJs Thriller. That’s right, people are pissed because some pieces of her video seem a little too similar to Beyonce’s Formation. Honestly, Beyonce’ has definitely had entire videos that were a little similar to someone else’s shit but we’ll just move on. Now, I’m not stanning for Taylor but I like the song and the video. I have felt this way at the end of several bad relationships in my life.

The only thing missing from this video is a clip of zombie Taylor eating the brains of Kim,  Kanye, Katy, and Calvin.

What did you think of Taylor’s new video? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!




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