Kevin Hart Gots No Chill

I guess some celebs had a problem with Kevin Hart’s little challenge. In case you’re in the dark Kevin Hart challenged a few celebs, including Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief. In response to Kevin Hart Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, The Rock, T.I., Diddy, and Waka Flocka made a video pledging donations but some celebs had a problem with Hart’s call out. Master P got in his feels a bit about that call out, he felt Kevin Hart put too much pressure on people to donate a specific amount of money. P wasn’t the only one who felt Hart was out of line for making the call out, specifically to Beyonce’.

Personally, I saw nothing wrong with Kevin’s challenge. If you have the power to send your voice across the airways to millions, you should be saying something worth while. Kevin didn’t know who had done what, he just wanted to make sure something was done. At the end of the day, there’s really no right or wrong way to ask for help.

I encourage anyone who reads this post to take action in any way they can. It doesn’t take $25,000 to help, the little each of us contributes becomes a lot.

If you have family that was affected by the hurricane please know that we are all standing with you, praying for you, and doing all that we know how to help all who were impacted by this devasting storm.



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