Life of Kylie Review

I decided to check out the latest episodes of Kylie Jenner’s new reality tv show, Life of

Kylie Jenner

Kylie. The first two episodes were about Kylie going to prom, Kylie Cosmetic knock offs, and Kylie’s concern for how little she drives her Lamborghini..oh and Jordyn went on a blind date. As you may have guessed, Life of Kylie is boring failing. People are not in the mood to watch Kylie complain about her life as she drives around in her customized Range.

But, while the show lacks purpose, it’s appropriate for the targeted demographic. What do I mean? Well, Kylie is a 20 year old, if I had to watch a reality show I’d rather it be about a person in her age range. I expect the reality show of a 20 year old to be pointless and silly so, Kylie actually gets a pass from me. Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows a group of 30+ year old women and their children as they do meaningless things and eat salad and that show is still going. Will I tune in every Sunday? No. I refuse to support anything these women do until they take an interest in something more than their own bank accounts. Back to Life of Kylie….

The show is tanking because a large part of it shows Kylie complaining about her life as a celebrity. Kylie, people idolize you and your life! Give the money and the cars to the poor and go live off the grid if you’re struggling that much babygirl. No one wants to hear that shit! There are other 20 year old women ending their shift at McDonalds, living in a box sized studio apartment with two kids and no baby father while you’re talking shit in your mansion…bitch please! That’s why the show is failing, it’s not relatable AND it’s boring!

Kylie’s bestfriend, Jordyn Woods, is also a part of the show and she is dry and boring as well. Jordyn spends her camera time wishing Kylie wasn’t famous and complaining about how draining it is to be the friend of a celebrity. Someone get these girls some college classes, a college dorm, a bus pass, and a $2.00 waitressing gig!

I expected to see something fun and refreshing. Kylie is 20 with enough money to live a life full of rich experiences. If they want people to tune in she better get busy actually doing something.


Did you watch Life of Kylie? What are your thoughts?




Why Do We Love Cardi B?

Cardi B has seemingly taken the music world by storm! The hood is here for Bodak Yellow and Cardi B. Of course, I wanted to know what all the hype was about! After following Cardi for a few weeks and listening to some songs I have to admit I don’t understand the hype behind this woman. Cardi can do no wrong in the eyes of many black women, maybe that’s because they are fans of Cardi from her Love and Hip Hop days? I just dont’ get it. Cardi is so very ratchet, silly, and basic

Cardi B
Cardi B

acting…she’s “relatable” but if we were to be honest with ourselves, most of us can’t stand women who act like Cardi in everyday life. Ratchet, overly aggressive women who are always ready to pop off, and say anything at anytime are the last to be invited to the girlfriend retreat but we celebrate Cardi for that same annoying behavior. Why?

Her fans say she’s being herself but when did we stop challenging people to be the BEST version of themselves?

Here’s my opinion, we want a character we can live through. We want someone who will freely act an ass and do the things we only think about. We want jesters to entertain us. Most of us know if we behave like Cardi B in real life we would be flagged and dismissed! Cardi B isn’t my type of ignorant but she definitely has a group of females who rock with her.

As for her music, the sound of her voice is a bit much to handle for greater than 2 minutes. The accent, the tone, the way she enunciates words is all way too much. Beyonce’ was flagged for sounding stupid during interviews but Cardi is celebrated for it. I don’t get it!

I’ll revisit Cardi in about 5 years.


What do you think? Are you for Cardi or nah?



Let’s Cancel Kim K.

KrisJenner Instagram
Kris Jenner instagram post

Kris Jenner recently posted this post sending love to Barcelona after the recent terror event that occurred there. I have no issues with Kris Jenner’s post but when I checked her page for a similar post regarding the Charlottesville incident I saw nothing! Prior to this Kim Kardashian took sides with, known racist, Jeffree Star when her followers began to bash his racist ass in the comments of her video.

Here’s my opinion, this family is so disconnected and self centered! How can a family who makes a career out of fucking and sucking black men be so blase’ about the current struggles in the black community? We are talking about a family of women who literally love to fall in bed with black men. Kim K has little half black babies and a black husband but still manages to tell black people to get over racism?!?!

America is going through a huge period of civil unrest. I expect celebrities to use their platform for something greater than further lining their pockets. I expect a family of women who “love” black men to give some kind of fuck about the struggles experienced by black people.

What do you think about this?

Let’s talk…


Blac Chyna Dolls?

Blac Chyna Doll

Sooo, Blac Chyna has figurines/dolls, but why?! Blac Chyna has decided she is going directly after her bag and I can’t hate her for that but is this the best option for her brand? I just have a few questions: 1- Who wants these dolls? 2- Are these Chyna Dolls for kids? 3- Why?

Now, I’ve always said there needs to be a collectable celebrity barbie line, either from Mattel or a black doll line like Trinity Designs that releases celebrity dolls but what has Blac Chyna done that would make people want her doll? I was expecting a full figured lingerie line not a damn doll but we’ll roll with this and see where it goes.


Do you want a Blac Chyna Doll?


Sir and Rumi Carter

beyonce-tour-bb5-topline-2016-billboard-650Beyonce’ has released the names of her twins! To the surprise of many, Mr. and Mrs. Carter have named their twins Sir and Rumi.

Rumi is Japanese for beauty and Sir is just demanding respect at less than a full month of age. HA! People are surprised that the Carters chose these names but I think everyone needs to remember that Beyonce’s name is Beyonce’ and her sister’s name is Solange.

I think the names are perfect! Welcome Rumi and Sir, I’m sure the beehive can’t wait to see you.

Welcome Rumi and Sir, I’m sure the beehive can’t wait to see you.


Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review

jay z sma 1 nov09Alright ya’ll the album has finally dropped and it was so much more than I expected! Jay-Z touched on every aspect of his life. Yes, he’s done that before but this time he’s opening up in a more meaningful, thought provoking way and I appreciate it!

So let’s break this album down…

Kill Jay Z

Jay Z addresses himself, his ego, Kanye, and his infidelity to Beyonce’ in this track. The internet has gone crazy over this track because of the following lyrics: “You egged Solange on – Knowing all along all you had to say was u was wrong – you almost went Eric Benet’ – let the baddest girl in the world get away – I don’t even know what else to say – nigga never go Eric Benet.” In just those few words Jay-Z addressed the infidelity, and the Solange elevator incident and set the internet ablaze!

The Story of OJ

This is my favorite track on the album. Jay-Z touched on so many of the things that plague the black community in this song from how we handle money, to how we represent ourselves and our community. Jay’s lyrics flow effortlessly over a smooth, jazzy NY hip-hop beat as he schools us on investments. He’s challenging our thought processes and motivations behind the choices we make. ” Wanna know what’s more important than throwing away money at a strip club? CREDIT.” -Jay Z


Jay Z shows his mom some major love on this track. He addressed her homosexuality and the pain she went through trying to hide her sexuality during his younger years. In typical Jay Z fashion, he talks about money, friendships, and drops in a bit of shit talking as well but that doesn’t take away from the message. His mother, Gloria Carter, talks about her life hiding her sexuality with a poem at the end of the song.

Caught Their Eyes

in this one, Jay Z talks about the snakes in the industry in this track.  In my opinion, Jay Z is sharing his current life experiences on this one – what it’s like to navigate the music industry. He mentions Prince and the greed that surrounded him in life. He’s sharing this industry through his eyes. So far, every track on the album has had meaning, layers, and depth….I’m impressed!


Jay Z said he woke up at 4:44am to write this song, so I was wrong – I thought the twins were born at 4:44am. Moving on, this track definitely feels like some shit that you’d be thinking about at 4:44am.  We’ve all experienced those nights we’ve sat thinking about all of our past mistakes and the people we’ve caused pain – that’s 4:44. Jay takes us deeper into his relationship and marriage to Beyonce’ and all of his failures as a man, and a husband. It’s touching to hear him express his fear of Blue learning of his dirt and thinking less of him. This is some good shit, partly because we’ve never seen Jay-Z so vulnerable. This is my second favorite track on the album.

Family Feud

This track is definitely old school Jay Z – all about the money, and the competition. He addresses the current state of rap and his place in the tapestry. I enjoyed the flow, the instrumentals, and Beyonce’s vocals. One word for this one….NICE!


Bam with the Damian Marley feature is so LIT! Jay is coming for all the trash that is in the industry. He takes a possible dig at Kanye and keeps it moving. The track is quick, straight to the point, and head bob worthy….BAM!


“I don’t post no threats on the internet – I just pose a threat – I don’t be on the gram going ham giving information to the pork – that’s all spam…..ya’ll stuck in La La Land.” Jay said, “Ya’ll got the same fucking flows – I don’t know who is who.” LOVE IT! Jay is giving us more on the fuckery in the rap industry today. He’s exposing these fake artists that so many put in they top 10. Tracks like this give me hope! Maybe a new era in hip hop is about to be ushered in. Jay is pointing them in the right direction with this one.

Marcy Me

Jay begins the track with a snatch back to hold hip hop. Marcy Me is about where Jay came from but it’s also a nice nod to old school rap and it’s origins. If I may just pause for a minute and mention the artistic zone No ID was in when he did this entire album! Marcy Me is yet another well produced, easy to listen to track, another one of my favorites. As a true hip hop old head, I appreciate this track. XOX-fucking-O!


What’s your legacy? Jay Z provokes thought with the last track on the album. What are we leaving for those who come next? He is promoting black excellence with this one and reminding us that no matter how much or how little we have, we will still leave a legacy. Jay touches on the impact your legacy, good or bad, will have on future generations. We have to make conscious decisions, that’s what Legacy is all about.  At the end of this song all I could say was, “Dag, that was good.”


I’ll be the first to say the 4:44 album is Jay-Z’s best yet; It’s a piece of artistic work with a message. 4:44 shows his age and maturity, it’s thought provoking without being too preachy, it’s 100% Black but still authentic Jay-Z. The album’s sound is unique, and the content is rich and layered. You will be riding to some of these tracks far beyond 2017, don’t doubt it.

If you haven’t heard the album yet you need to stop tripping about Tidal and go check it out.




Remy Ma Won a BET Award

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma
Where were you when Shether dropped? How long did you wait for Nicki Minaj to respond before you gave up hope?

Remy Ma won a BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop artist and Twitter went crazy! Apparently, people do not think Remy Ma is deserving of this award over Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Some complained she hasn’t done enough, she doesn’t have enough charted singles or albums sold. So, why did Remy Ma snatch this award from Nicki?


Remy Ma successfully called out the top female artist in hip-hop. That diss track gave Remy Ma immediate publicity and airplay. Nicki’s response was late and lack luster. Record sales are only part of the “Best Female Hip-Hop artist” pie – street cred. matters. Rap is a sport, the artist at the top will always be challenged to prove their right to that spot. If the challenged artist (Nicki) does not rise to the occasion their ranking will be affected. Battle tracks have created and distroyed careers. Shether put Remy in a good position, not because the lyrics were so hard or the track was so banging, but because of Nicki’s watered down response.


Nicki Minaj has rubbed alot of people in the industry the wrong way and many of us are tired of her arrogant behavior. She’s a rapper with a played style, fake body parts, and an even faker personality. At least you’re getting an authentic personality with Remy and she’s not fucking her way to the top. We need someone new in the Female Hip-Hop genre. More than one female rapper can exist in this world and I don’t think Nicki should be considered the Queen of them all. Cardi B has better bars than Nicki, sure, she needs some media training but the skill is there. It’s funny how Nicki will post all manner of social media foolishness to prove she’s the queen of rap when all she really has to do is RAP – grab the mic and hit it hard! Clearly rapping and rapping well isn’t in her bag of tricks. At this point, I’ll take anyone over Nicki and I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Congrats to Remy Ma on her win! Hopefully this will encourage her to get in the studio and write an album that will put her haters to rest. Nas won the battle but Jay-Z won the war and now he owns all of the soldiers. Will the Nicki vs Remy beef end the same way?


Kim Kardashian: KKWBEAUTY

1280_kanye_west_kim_kardashian_north_west_kkw_beauty2_instagramKim Kardashian has officially released her first solo makeup endeavor entitled, KKW Beauty. Honestly, I was down with a Kim K makeup line long before Kylie was King and Bruce was Caitlyn. My only question for Kim is WHAT THE FUCK TOOK SO LONG?! Oh, and will black women be stuck with varying shades of pink?

The initial launch was centered around Creme’ Contour and Highlight Kits, two things Kim is known to excellently execute. I didn’t know what contouring was until Kim K. dropped that knowledge bomb! Now we have women out here contouring their whole damn body. Needless to say, no matter how you feel about Kim K., you can never say her makeup isn’t absolute perfection!

Now, I wasn’t brave enough to jump in and spend my money on anything from the KKWBeauty collection but I was definitely watching the reactions of others on social media. I think I may pass on Kim K’s multiple personality cream lipsticks but the contours deserve a deeper look.

Check out this KKW Beauty contour kit review and tell me what you think….



What Did Beyonce’ Name the Twins?

rs_600x600-170202053928-600.beyonce-4.2217Beyonce’ gave birth a little over a week ago and we’ve heard nothing more since. Sure, there’s been small amounts of info dropped here and there but nothing substantial. We still have no photos, no word from Beyonce’, and no names for the twins…until today.

Word has it Beyonce’ and Jay-Z has named the twins Bea and Shawn. Can you believe that? Let’s be honest, Bea and Shawn are about as unimaginative as it gets. Definitely not what I’d expect from a couple who named their first born Blue Ivy.

Fans have chimed in from all over with their best guess for names. Will Bey and Jay pick Nigerian names? Perhaps the names will pay homage to an ancestor or important family member? Maybe they really did name their children Bea and Shawn? One thing is for sure, we won’t know until we know, right?

For now, those babies remain in the hospital under observation and care for jaundice and for all we know their names could still be Boy Carter and Girl Carter.

If Jay and Bey actually named their babies Bea and Shawn would you be surprised?


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